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Finding the right person to train you regularly can be tough. You’ll want a PT who motivates you towards personal goals and ensure you’re progressing each session. We take the time to find the right PT for you.

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Are you looking for flexible training space with a community of fitness professionals? Perhaps you’re frustrated with your current set-up and want a range of options which puts you in charge of your PT or group class offering.

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Do you have a dream fitness destination? Running a 10K? Playing a team sport? To just look and feel healthier? Whether it’s Yoga, Dance, Pilates, HIIT – the fitter you are the more active you can be. Join one of our weekly small group classes.

Free Personal Fitness Consultation

Looking to find the right trainer or class for you?

Contact Andy Gardner for a free, no‑obligation⁠ fitness consultation at the Fitness Garage. A chance to discuss your fitness history, define your exercise aims and work with you to find the right personal trainer or exercise routine to suit the outcomes you want!

Are you struggling to exercise consistently?

Are you looking to get back to a regular fitness routine with the help of a trainer? Maybe you’ve tried gym memberships over the years – but struggle with motivating and challenging yourself and you need some accountability. It might just be since you are working at home more, this has left you feeling sluggish and lacking energy.

The regulars at the Fitness Garage tell us they love the private setup and the range of experienced trainers to choose from. Whether it is the consistency of having a regular one-to-one PT session in your own individual gym stations, the variety of exercises possible in a small group PT class or a weekly energising yoga or Pilates class – we’ve got most bases covered.

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Fitness trainers; looking for a flexible venue to expand your fitness business?

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Personal training

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Dance classes

Dance classes

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